Update YwamTeams working in Nepal

Greetings to you all from our second Nepal Relief team: Ravi, Narendra, Rashmika and Yaoreila from Varanasi, Bhakta from Delhi and Prakash and Birbal from Y Nepal.

We reached Kathmandu on 21st May and met on the Kathmandu YWAM base the next day. They have been helping clearing and cleaning the debris, rebuilding houses and giving counseling to the affected families.

We bought some relief materials and medicines for the teams working in villages around Kathmandu. The next day we visited Sindhupal Chowk, which is the worst affected district. More than 5000 people died in this area. We stopped in Nepani village were 158 families were affected and some had lost everything. A 5 year old girl is still missing. The biggest need was roofing sheets which are needed for fixing houses or for making temporary shelter before the monsoon rains arrive. We bought and distributed 756 sheets to the affected families.
While coming back we were met with storms and heavy winds. Zinc roofing sheets and tree branches were flying around. On the way we met a family whose two children were hurt by the flying roofing sheets.

nepal relief shelter roof

The people were quite happy with our help and were also very open for the Gospel. The villagers were saying that they can see the love of God in us and in other believers who are helping after the disaster. The family of the two baby girls told us that through our love for them they knew that we are Christians.

On 24th of May we did all the necessary shopping for  tools, electrical wiring and other construction materials.
On the 25th of May we went to Sanga chowk village and stayed there for a night. There were many children in this particular village. So we decided to have a Sunday school. This gave us the opportunity to reach out to the whole village. We started with a couple of children but slowly the whole village turned up! We distributed some basic daily needs to the children, and after this everybody just opened up and became very friendly. It was amazing and awesome.

The people in this village are really struggling to meet their daily needs, especially food. They were digging in the ruins of their old houses trying to find food! The water supply (pipeline) has also been completely destroyed. They have to go down to a small stream for water. So we are praying for more funds to provide pipeline with a pump to bring up the water needed. The children have not taken a bath since the earthquake almost a month ago!

We provided some roofing materials (2030 sheets) and food items for 309 families of this village


1. We are planning to provide pipeline in Sanga Chowk village.

2. Supply dried foods such as pulses, dried vegetables, soy

beans etc.  enough to last for the monsoon.

3. We are praying that we would get teams who can stay for a longer period of time and help build water harvesting systems.

Thank you for your support to our team and for standing with us

through prayers and finances. We couldn’t do this work without you!


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